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FEEKA DESIGN is a studio where handmade ceramics are made. The meaning of its name comes from Swedish words meaning

“A moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.”

Feeka is a brand that offers Classy / Unique / Timeless and One-of-a-kind concepts and wants to instill this feeling in the recipient. All products are handmade and unique which mature with time and adapt to their environment.

Feeka embraces the imperfect world, as life itself is not perfect, but we should love and respect what is not perfect. Handmade products may have flaws, that vary according to each person, but that is what makes them wonderful and irreplaceable. Feeka has a way of removing these from the perception that we actually call defects and focuses on loving them. We call it the art of endearing imperfections and naturalness.


Furthermore, Feeka is a brand that pays special attention to the production and preparation process of its products rather than the result of the product, allowing our masters to enjoy the process. Free imagination, enjoying the craft, and a high-quality production process are the DNA of the construction phase. This and more have made us a brand that is highly respected and inspired by artists, craftsmen and craftswomen.

Finally, Feeka believes in the Japanese Ikigai philosophy, as our founders' Ikigai became Feeka!

Our studio is located in Etiler, Istanbul. We have both a small shop area and a production area where all the production takes place.

The studio is a small and compact place that has a calm, serene, and zen environment. My assistants and I do the work by dividing stations and we usually have a sweet playlist playing in the background :)


You can come here to shop and stop by for a cup of coffee to meet us! We can also review samples for bulk orders and talk about what we can do.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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