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Chado x Feeka Design
Chado brings together quality, unique, and local teas grown in different parts of the world, with tea lovers looking for a different taste in Turkey.

It has stores in different parts of Turkey and sells online.
Ocha Teapot 1_V2.jpg
Shinai Teapot 1_V2.jpg
Chado is a Japanese word meaning “The way of tea.”
In this collaboration, we produced teapots and cups inspired by the Japanese culture of long tea ceremonies, from which we took inspiration from the entire ceremony, from the tea's preparation to its presentation and drinking.

We chose natural colors in our forms to make the user feel the zen feeling. We mounted the handles to the teapot by heating and shaping the metal. We wanted to feel the harmony of different materials and ceramics using threads that are not natural leather.
Ocha Teapot 3_V2.jpg
Shinai Teapot 3_V2.jpg
Ocha Teapot 4_V2.jpg
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