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Aheste Pera x Feeka Design
‘’Leave the Pera district behind as you step into this trendy local bistro, then head to the romantic dining space under the vaults. This restaurant has plenty of character and will immediately win you with its modern take on mezze.

On the menu are Turkish specialties, including grilled lamb heart and in-vogue (also vegetarian) options, such as an original creation based on four preparations of rice.  ‘’

Michelin Guide 
With Didem Chef, we have worked on plates based on Turkish, Ottoman, and Middle Eastern influences. We have used stoneware clay.

We preferred some plates with chamotte clay and some without chamotte. High-degree glazes were produced specifically for Aheste. Since the kitchen is small, storing and using products became our priority.

We prepared our presentations with minimal, ethnic, and elegant plates that suit fine dining touches.
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